September 2022 – a hazy, in-person meeting!

Seven of us took over the events room at the Lucky Lab Beer Hall on NW Quimby on a smokey Sunday afternoon. Hybrid meeting attempts were foiled by Zoom meeting setup (curse you, oh waiting room!) but we did have a computer and speakerphone to provide a mediocre A/V experience for all callers.

No particular agenda, just sharing and playing with pens.  Melissa shared some of her Truphae acquisitions, and is doing 30 inks in 30 days – she has this planned out and how she’ll do this for an upcoming trip to Philly, and checked out the new Oblation Portland Rain ink.  Martha showed off her new glow-in-the-dark TWSBI Eco using her blacklight flashlight (which goes to show just how much SOME PEOPLE will go to show off glow-in-the-dark stuff).  Joe pulled out 3 Chinese pens that may have won for the heaviest, most ornate pens. Spectacularly over the top!  Lisa shared her ink-to-color-matched Lamys and how it was nice to be able to nib-swap with her Studio.  Broad nib aficionados, unite!  Richard’s new-from-last-time Pelikan M1000 is still getting good use.

Reminders: Pelikan Hub Nov 18th, Pen Bazaar Nov 26th, NW Pen Show July next year (

Sorry, no photos this time! Having too much fun to remember to snap a few.