Fountain Pen Collectors in Portland, Oregon

A group of people sitting at a long table, with open cases of fountain pens displayed on the table in front of them.

About Us ↗

We’re a friendly crowd, we hope you will join us for a future event!

An image of one hand passing a open fountain pen to another hand.  A table with an open notebook is in the background

Events/Meetings ↗

Join us for monthly meetings – details on Facebook group PDXPen or join our Google Groups email list (also PDXPen) – both private groups, please so give us a little time to add you.

  • It’s free to join and participate.
  • Meetings are every second Sunday of the month, except where noted.
  • We have been meeting virtually (Zoom) but are starting to experiment with in-person alternating with Zoom meetings. Check the blog for updates on what’s coming up!
  • Meeting details are only distributed through Facebook and the email list, they will not be posted here.
  • When requesting to join our Facebook or Google groups, please do share your name and confirm you’re local. Thank you!

Some of the larger pen-related events in Portland:

  • July 8-9, 2023: Pacific Northwest Pen Show ( – while unaffiliated with the PDX Pen club or the historical Pen Round-Up, this is a new show that is making its debut in 2023. We are cheering them on and looking forward to the fabulous vendors and nibmeisters they plan to entice to town. REGISTER NOW!
  • Sept 22, 2023: Pelikan Hub – Registration has closed to be an official participant of the Hub. We will see if there is space for Pen Club members to attend also, stay tuned (another great reason to join us, you get all the news). This is a free, worldwide event that promotes fountain pen use and has wonderful ink sampling for all!
  • Nov: Pen Bazaar – The Saturday after Thanksgiving at the Lucky Lab Beer Hall. No plans to change this event in 2023 – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Great way to get your Holiday shopping turbocharged for the fountain pen lover in your life.
A top-down view of a table where open notebooks displaying cursive writing in ink are visible, and a hand holding a fountain pen is writing in one notebook.  Pen holders with pens are also visible.


Where can you find fountain pens, inks, and papers in Portland? Check this out!

Also, a selection of online sources that some of us have found useful.

We cannot be held responsible for you falling in love with pens, inks, or papers. You have been warned, hide your credit cards now.