Monthly Meetings

When we meet in person, it is normally at the Lucky Lab Beer Hall on NW Quimby (1945 NW Quimby St, Portland, OR 97209). See map below.

Currently we are meeting regularly in-person on the Second Sunday of the month, at 1PM.

To get Zoom information if for some reason we’re meeting that way, you must be a member of the private Facebook Group PDXPen or the Google GroupĀ PDXPen which also needs a request to join – please indicate what neighborhood you live in to help the moderators confirm you’re local. Meeting details will not be posted here.

What’s up in 2024?

Lots planned! In addition to our normal monthly meetings, we have these events to look forward to:

  • PNW Pen Show has dates posted: July 13-14, 2024 and registration is open:
  • Pelikan Hub – stay tuned, this has a more complex signup process and is typically held Aug/Sept. Volunteers needed to help this big event proceed smoothly!
  • Pen Bazaar is confirmed for the weekend after Thanksgiving (Nov 30-Dec 1st) at the Lucky Lab Beer Hall.

Annual Events – 2023 was fabulous!

  • The first Pacific Northwest Pen Show is DONE! It was held July 8 & 9, 2023, produced by Got Your Back Solutions LLC (not the pen club). It had a healthy turnout, four fabulous nibmeisters, and a lovely variety of vendors. IF you missed it this year, we suggest you look at and see if they have an email list for notifications for 2024. Of course, PDX Pen will pay close attention to timing, registration, etc & keep our members notified.
  • Pelikan Hub 2023 – This had a fabulous turnout and our all-time-high of folks signed up. (We’re one of the biggest hubs in the country!). If you’re a member of PDX Pen we do let people know about signup deadlines as soon as we’re aware of them.
  • Pen Bazaar – Saturday & Sunday, November 25-26, 2023. This was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and kicked off the Holiday shopping right!

Meeting Topics

  • July 2024 – PNW Pen Show!

    The hotly anticipated PNW Pen Show falls on our normal second Sunday meeting time (Sunday July 14), and the pen show organizers are setting up a room for local pen show meet-ups at the show. It’ll be from 1:00PM – 3:00PM, and I hear the “Clackamas Room” is where we should converge. And be sure…