April 2022 – Pricing Vintage Pens

Hello Fountain Pen Fans! Twelve of us met over Zoom on 10 April 2022 at 1:00PM, and went through Stuart’s best-known-methods (BKMs) of how he researches pricing for his vintage pens. He walked through a list of various favorite websites. We’re still working to get a clean copy of that list, but your fearless webmaster scribbled down as many as she could:

There was also conversation on where to sell pens, as this can be an ongoing struggle online. Let’s just say that ebay did not find many fans in the audience. r/Pen_Swap on reddit was mentioned (but again, cautions on scammers, though several of us have had good experiences). Lessons on what helped a pen sell: good photos! Mike’s experience has been that his iPhone 12 + natural light gives him the best results. Having a fully working pen vs. one that needs work helps maximize the price – showing this in pieces and fully reassembled seems to be appreciated. Finally, a demo card showing the pen’s writing.

Two other things of note:

  • There were 3 knitters in the audience! I think we’ve identified a likely cross-over audience for future recruiting 🙂
  • NEXT MEETING WILL BE IN-PERSON / Hybrid. We’re avoiding Mother’s Day, so targeting Sunday 15 May at 12 noon at the Lucky Lab Brewpub, NW Quimby. We’ll also try out a zoom meeting to see how well hybrid works (will be posted to the Facebook Group and via Google Groups, as normal).

Happy Spring to All!