June Meeting – An Antique Writing Desk

On Sunday June 12 we gathered 11 members over Zoom (4 new folks!). Notes as below:

Next meeting:  should be Sunday 10 July at the Lucky Lab in NW (in-person/hybrid!).  Likely keep the noon time for in-person (stay tuned)

Our members introduced themselves and chatted about recent pen-related acquisitions, including a nib-meistered TWSBI Eco with a cursive grind.  A new-to-him Coronet from somewhere in the 30s.  A Curas Vertex (and won a titanium bolt).  We got a bit more information on Jim L’s made-from-scratch fountain pen that really begs for its own dedicated chat with good close up pictures.  He made the nib too!    A paper related find:  Ampad double sheet writing pad (on super sale at Freddies in SE) was shockingly fountain-pen friendly and was ~$1.25 that would be worth checking out.

Heather shared “Into Mordor, there & back again with a writing desk” that walked through the saga of acquiring and learning more about a solid wood antique writing desk through Freecycle (which has been around much longer than Buy Nothing groups).  It has lovely olive green details, a floral motive, letter slots, and (appropriately) ink bottle stains!  (bonus:  glitter somehow).  Skeleton key location from Hippo Hardware still on the wish list, but they have bunches of them!  The desk still has a sticker indicating it’s from Rockford Illinois, Cooperative SomethingOrOther that I didn’t quite scribble down, and research from a fabulous public library site in Rockford led to newsletters and a map of the 50-or-so small furniture manufacturers in the town.  They branded furniture as coming from Rockford (and put the company name underneath) and this is a fine example of small midwestern town collaboration to promote the local economy.  And get this – Heather actually found the ad for what seems to be her actual desk!  There was an option to have a leaded glass bookcase on top, and Bryan’s desk/bookcase setup has that configuration (storing – ahem – a few inks).  

Looking ahead to a Pacific NW Pen Show next year:  Staci, Kelly and Martha have been chatting about what it would take to bring back a Pen Show to Portland.  

Key notes:  

  • Phase right now:  Dream the big dream, and get all the details worked out.  Determine if this is really feasible. 
  • We still want to do a Faux Hub assuming Pelikan isn’t doing something this year.  There must be ink-tastings!  
  • Pen Bazaar is still entirely our Pen Club’s thing.

Key takeaways:

  • PDX Pen Club is not being asked to run a full-sized PNW Pen Show.  We’re being included in the discussion & dreaming because of our experience in both our own shows, other shows, connections, etc.  And obviously we’d probably be lining up to get in 🙂
  • Please contact us with ideas, dreams, interest in participating, leads on anyone else who is thinking about doing similar things.  We’d love to pull expertise from our pen community.