March 2023 – Zoom meeting minutes

March was a zoom meeting, and 11 of us joined in online to talk about 30-day ink challenges, shared by one of our members and how she selects the different inks from her *large* collection, further enhanced by a Truphae subscription box which sends her samples and a budget pen monthly (she’s on the $25/month tier). This was started by Inkjournal in 2018 (LINK).

PNW Pen Show Update provided (don’t forget – get registered, July 8/9 will be here before you know it! LINK At least two established nibmeisters are signed up. Feel free to spread the word to your other pen club contacts!

Other topics: “Glitter is the herpes of crafting” (context: shimmering inks) and “When did cargo pants go out of fashion?”.