December 2023 – Zoom Meeting

We closed out the year with a zoom meeting and thirteen attendees to chat about recent acquisitions – several folks have had pens repaired recently thanks to members in the group. We also looked ahead to the new year with sharing some experiences and resources with bullet journals (aka “bujo”), something that can lure folks into the joy of fountain pens, inks, and papers.

For those intimidated by how Instagrammable bujos have gotten, several members noted their low-key approaches and resources:

Some tips folks shared:

  • It’s OK to personalize it and make the system your own. If it works for you, it’s your system and that’s great!
  • Highlight first, then write on the highlighted area, and you won’t smear your fountain pen ink, regardless of the ink.
  • Noodler’s Heart of Darkness is very highlighter friendly if you prefer to write first, highlight second (also rain and spilled-tea friendly)
  • Dotted paper makes it easier to set up your calendars, habit trackers, etc. There are also custom-rulers to help you quickly divide up your pages if you wish.