Pelikan Hub – Portland – 2022

What is a “Pelikan Hub” you ask?

Pelikan hubs are a worldwide gathering of fountain pen and ink aficionados to sample & share inks and papers, sponsored by Pelikan (link),.

The PDX Pen club have hosted these events in Portland and loved how they fostered community and connection, and by golly, we are thrilled we don’t have to go another year without one! Pelikan has sent some great swag in the past for registered Pelikan Hub participants – those who registered through are already on the attendee list!

When: Friday, November 18th 2022, 6-9PM

Where: Registered participants will be contacted by the Portland Hubmaster a few weeks before the Hub to provide the Hub location.

What’s it cost? Nothing! It’s free (Aren’t the folks at Pelikan awesome?!)

I didn’t sign up through Pelikan, can I still attend?

For those who missed the registration and would still like to try to get registered (and maybe get swag), you might want to contact Pelikan directly at to see if you can register late.

Members of PDXpen (FB/Google Groups) who were unable to register are still welcome to attend the event. We’ll let you know (by Facebook/Google Groups) the Hub details.

Note: Photographs will be taken at the event and shared in social media and on this web page. A notice will be posted at the event.

COVID precautions:  Please wear a mask

What can you expect?

  • Ink sampling galore! We’ll have fountain pens filled with a variety of common and uncommon inks for you to try out. Bring your favorite paper or your notebook with ink tests to expand your inky horizons!
  • Paper samples! We’ll have some packets of different papers to try out – because the full experience happens with the pen, the ink, and the paper all contributing. A triumvirate!
  • Ink samples to take home
  • Like-minded folks cooing over how beautiful the ink is
  • Even a door prize is in the making, stay tuned!
an open glass bottle of teal ink on a wooden table, with fountain pens in a case in the background
Iroshizuku Ink (Shin-ryoku)